Vision AV-HD Capture Card

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Vision AV-HD Capture Card
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Four lane PCIe lane bus, Net 1.6 GB/s total capture bandwidth
Triple channel PCI Express capture card
Two DVI-I capture channels HDMI/ DVI/ TGB/ YPbPr video capture
HDMI embedded Audio Capture and streaming
Low input to output capture latency
SD/ Composite capture channels PAL, NTSC, SECAM up to 720 x 576 @ 16 Bit colour
Direct DMA to graphics memory of third party graphics cards
All standard features of the Vision range of video capture cards

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The VisionAV-HD is a four lane PCI Express capture card with three video capture inputs - two supporting HD capture and a third supporting SD composite video, these three independent video channels can be captured simultaneously.

The VisionAV-HD also adds multiple channels of audio capture, which can be synchronised in software using time stamping with all video capture channels.

This half length full height card features a full mechanical sixteen lane connector with notches which will enable it to fit 4, 8 and 16 lane motherboard connectors.

The VisionAV-HD also adds embedded audio capture from the HDMI signal, which can be sychronised with the respective video channel.

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Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom