It's simply more than just visualization


LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM - visualizing multiple show-related disciplines in realtime, live object tracking, laser, pyro, water effects, and DMX-controlled moving objects in a photo-realistic environment. Visualization of up to 1.536 fixtures is possible, as well as access to 14 DVI outputs for real-world projection.

The realism and speed is the best in industry.

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    Version 58 of the multiple award-winning LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM is now available and offers a range of improvements that continue to decrease the gap between virtual and reality.

Have a look at some of the newest features for v58:

- The next-generation Render Engine of LIGHTCONVERSE v58 allows for higher quality visualization and a significant increase in rendering speed, especially for larger projects.

- Starting from the Trace level, users can work with animated 3D Textures and create a cyclic animation of any texture in the project.
A volume transparency feature is now available, which makes it possible to visualize effects such as hard smoke, rain, snow, fire, etc.

- The Unlimited level offers a Dynamic Layers Collision Detector, which smartly detects and shows possible collisions between moving objects.

- The number of DMX universes available in v58 has increased from 96 to 255.

- Each DMX universe can now contain four signal sources (4 stream mixes, HTP / sACN-Priority).

- For higher efficiency, icon elements within the built-in browser can now be quickly sorted by name, date and phrase.

Unparalleled and unique in the industry, LIGHTCONVERSE is the only product that delivers such a dynamic array of capabilities in One Complete Platform, offering software and hardware solutions for visualizing and integrating Multiple Show Disciplines - including Lighting, Video, 3D Mapping, Laser, Water Effects, Pyrotechnics, Moving Objects and Object Tracking by automated fixtures and projectors - all within in a Photo-Realistic, Real-Time, 3D View.


A proven technology currently in use World Wide in Entertainment and Corporate Events, Schools, Television Studios and Architectural Projects, LIGHTCONVERSE’s full feature set breaks down five areas:  SEE It, FEED It, MAP It, TRACK it and LIVE It.


  • Fastest and Most Realistic Visualizer on the Market / 25 - 60 FPS
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • DMX Controllable Pixel Mapping Engine
  • Real-time accurate beam focus, LED frost and softedge beam functions
  • Vectorworks Import - See Your Plot Come Alive
  • Multiple Plugins support: 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, Maya, SketchUp Pro


  • 32 - 48 HD Video Streams (Live Input from Media Servers or Playback)
  • Capture Video Windows from other programs as Texture or Filter sources
  • Stand-Alone Video Server capabilities with Video Out

MAP It: 

  • Easily Map your Real-World Model in a Virtual 3D World
  • Send Mapped Video Out to Real-World Projectors
  • Automatic Edge Blending


  • Live 3D Object IR Tracking
  • Track Performers and Set Pieces with Moving Fixtures and Projectors
  • Additional TUIO Output


  • 3D Multimedia Glasses & Head Tracker support for complete 360° immersion
  • Active & Passive 3D stereo glasses functions / 3D stereo projection capabilities
  • Combine with Object Tracking system for interactive 3D applications and environments